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Samuel Green bigs up English reading in Israel – Jewish Chronicle

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

By Candice Krieger

The British self-styled Zionist rapper Samuel Green is doing his bit to promote English literacy among Israeli school children.

Last week, Mr Green, aka Antithesis, kicked off a one-month readathon with a performance at the Ma’ale Adumim Mall.

The initiative is being organised by A.H.A.V.A, a non-profit educational institute that provides extra-curricula English classes for Israeli pupils. The former Mazkir of FZY, Mr Green tells People: “”The world is more competitive than ever so it’s important Israeli kids have the opportunity to get off to a good start, and English is a big part of that.

“”I loved reading growing up. It broadens the mind and the imagination. It’s an honour to support A.H.A.V.A and this event.”” At the launch, Mr Green performed some of his rap music and read a short story.

The readathon is now in its sixth year.

For one month, children are sponsored to read as many short-story English books as they can. The person who reads the most will receive a prize, donated by basketball club, Hapoel Migdal Jerusalem.

Mr Green, who grew up in south London, has released two albums to date.

Student newspaper Varsity named him one of the Top 100 Most Talented Cambridge Students, and the JC included him in its ‘Power 100’ list of those with the most influence over the British Jewish community.

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