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Born in South London to a musical family, Antithesis took an interest at a young age in the new music phenomenon that was penetrating the pop charts – rap. As a teenager he started writing his own and a friend gave him the name Antithesis - at the time he was not what people expected from the stereotype of a rapper.

He was inspired to write ‘Ima Mechaka Babayit’ after hearing from one of the fathers of Israel’s MIAs. Word got back to the father who asked him to record the song and so in 2001 Antithesis found himself in the studio for the first time. He released the song independently and got a great response.

Antithesis started studying at the University of Cambridge and continued writing. In 2003 he used all his personal savings to record the ‘The Israel Question’ EP, whose profits were donated to charity.

Antithesis switched focus on voluntary commitments in the Jewish community and his newly launched radio show, Kol Cambridge. But he continued to perform all over the world. Varsity Newspaper listed him as one of the Top 100 Most Talented Students in Cambridge.

On graduating top of his year, Antithesis was elected to be Mazkir (Executive Director) of FZY. The Second Lebanon War began and in response he recorded ‘Ima Mechaka BaBayit Part II’ and ‘Yes to Peace, No to Terror’. After finishing his term he completed his second EP, ‘United Kingdom of Racism’, which was released at the end of 2007. It was this that led to him being named as the youngest person in the Jewish Chronicle's Power 100 list of the most influential Jewish people in the UK.

Antithesis moved to Geneva, Switzerland and then made aliyah in mid-2010. He lives in Tel Aviv where he has qualified as a tour guide. To date he has sold several thousand copies of his CDs, has raised several thousand pounds for charity and continues to perform all over the world. He continues to write new material and new releases will soon be forthcoming!


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