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Jewish rapper goes on the record to answer Wiley

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

LONDON-born Jewish rapper Antithesis has released a track about the Wiley situation.

Wiley the Racist is the first attempt at Grime by Tel Aviv-based Antithesis, who was born Samuel Green.

Written and recorded in under 12 hours, he wanted to make a strong statement about what Wiley has been saying and also to give the Jewish community a sense that someone is supporting them from within the genre.

The 37-year-old said the antisemitic rants by Wiley have been even more hurtful as the Grime star had been an inspiration to him.

Antithesis, whose 98-year-old grandfather Gerald Green lives in Manchester, has previously

released songs like The Israel Question and United Kingdom of Racism. He has also appeared on BBC 1Xtra.

“I love Wiley’s music and when he first started coming out with these horrible statements, I didn’t really know what to do with myself,” former FZY leader Antithesis said.

“I kind of hoped that it was some sort of mistake. But then he kept doing it. And doing it more. Antisemitism has sadly come at me at various times in my life, but there is something about the fact that it came so virulently from someone that I looked up to that made it even more painful.

“I felt so angry and channelled that anger into writing this song which I hope can give people in the community a sense that someone is standing for them.

“I still hope that Wiley will see the light and that once this is all over he will apologise, educate himself and seek to engage with the Jewish community in a positive


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